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How does the home inspection process work?

  1. You call us at 480-285-8773 and I get some basic information like your name, an e-mail address and the address of the house.

  2. We send you a contract that you can review and return online covering the time, price and location of the inspection.

  3. An arrangement is made to provide access to the home either through the seller or the sellers agent.

  4. On the day of the inspection I arrive at the home and perform the inspection.

  5. At the end of the inspection you or your agents can meet me at the site to review the findings in person.  

  6. Payment is made by cash, check or charge at the end of the inspection.  Payment can be made online if you are not on site.

  7. A full inspection report will be sent by e-mail detailing the findings along with pictures of the items.

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